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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071802675. Girls win vs Alconbury Last Wednesday! Cambridge cats girls won on the toys cats like Feb on their recent outing vs.

Check out this Write up of the Ladies Cats Win this weekend! There is Always a First Time for Everything! History was made last Sunday in Harlow when Cats girls team stepped on a basketball court for their first friendly match. Cats Senior Womens took the win against Braintree Blue Devils in Essex on Sunday 22 October. The U11 Cats Pick up Where They Left off! 18 season in the Harlow Junior Central Venue league.

Cambridge Cats players have stepped up to represent at an international level for Wales junior national teams in recent weeks! Have you got a keen eye, Good attention to detail and quick responses? Cats History “Cambridge Cats aren’t a new club, having a 20 year history behind them, more than a dozen of which have seen youth national league teams at the U16 and U18 level. The last few seasons has seen significant development for the club and they now have eight teams under their banner. If you continue browsing this site, you agree to our Cookie Usage Policy.

Pet supplies at their very best for you! Every cat household needs cat toys too! Toys bring variety into your cat’s life, keep him fit, and sharpen his senses. Whether with or without owner, with the right toy, your cat will never get bored. Do Cats need Toys to play with?

Exercise: Often cats living in busy towns and cities spend most of their time indoors, sometimes they seem happy to sleep all day but for their own good they need to be active. It is not uncommon for cats living a sedentary lifestyle to end up suffering from weight problems and related diseases. Healthy cats get regular exercise, and toys are perfect for keeping your cat interested and moving for long periods of time. Anxiety management: Like humans, cats can also get bored or anxious. Such as scratching on Furniture and carpets.

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