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It makes me sad seeing Jesus ahead of Einstein. Jesus was nonetheless a very intelligent who managed to become immortal, however he is no way near the top 10 most intelligent person in history, keep in mind that this is a list that’s assessing intelligence, top 10 smartest religious beliefs should not cloud your judgement.

One of the most intelligent person in History of human kind. Without his work on AC electicity, life as we know it today would not be possible. Every ancient culture has a great flood story, that’s another reason to believe in the Bible. Everything else is a play off of the Bible.

Like how it mentions springs in the oceans only to be discovered by modern technology. We can’t determine Jesus intellect so it’s wrong to place him on top. Einstein was smart but only in one area. Leonardo was truly a multi genius only born in the wrong century. Would have hoped you all would look at the big picture here.

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