The top 10 smartest dog breeds

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However, this dog breed is definitely not for inexperienced or busy dog owners. They require a lot of exercise, and they can get hyperactive the top 10 smartest dog breeds destructive if they are kept in a small space for too long. They are especially destructive as puppies. I have a 5 year old pure bred German Shepherd and he is the smartest dog I have ever seen.

I taught him how to shake in 3 days, he learned how to open the door in the boot room, so did my other German shepherd though. I have had 7 German shepherds growing up and none of them were ever hard to train or just didn’t listen. The two dogs that we had that weren’t German shepherds were the only dogs we did have troubles with so we stick to German shepherds now. I currently own a 6 month old female and she is incredibly smart.

I tell her home and she goes to her dog house. I could put a giant chunk of raw meat in front of her but until I say the word she won’t eat it. I have a younger brother that’s two and she’s really protective of him around strangers, but when I tell her to stand down, she backs off. I know that German Sheperds are destructive when they do not get high care and stayed on close spaces for long. I think this is why my neighbor’s German Sheperd bit 3 people recently.

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