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How will Brexit actually affect your holiday? It is smartest digs that beauty is relative.

But how to relate this statement to the king of Asian forests, that eclipses other big cats with its majestic appearance? Although the climate that the tiger lives in is harsher than the habitats of other subspecies, it has its advantages. The northern forests offer unpopulated or hardly populated areas and a stable ecosystem. The stature is majestic and strong, although it is supported by relatively short, but strong limbs, and it ends with a long tail. In the coldest months the fur becomes longer, softer, and silky-smooth. In the winter, the cat is shaggier, and the fur grows even on its ears. Moreover, the fur on the back of the head and around the neck creates a collar, which is the characteristic feature of this subspecies.

In the summer, the fur is enhanced by rusty and orange colors, and the stripes are more visible. When a prey comes closer, the tiger jumps down on it and digs its claw into the prey’s throat, and its teeth into the prey’s neck, immobilizing it. Then, the tiger breaks the prey’s spinal cord and crushes its spine. As you can see, although the tiger can hunt bears in a very effective way, there have been reports on a tiger’s death caused by a bear, that protected itself from the attacking predator. People who have been observing the animals in the taiga have noticed several times, that a bear that saw a tiger’s traces changed its route. Thanks to its coloration, the Siberian tiger can easily hide in grass and on trees. If there is harmony in a given ecosystem, the tiger willingly hunts elks and boars.

With the decrease in the population of the Siberian tiger, the population of the gray wolf increases. 1930s, when the Siberian tiger started being hunted, and its habitats were occupied by the colonization of those regions at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. A confrontation between a tiger and a wolf may end in the death of one of the opponents, because they are both strong and persevere enough to kill the rival. Of course, in case of the wolves, we are talking about a pack, because a single wolf is not able to win over the Siberian king. It is worth mentioning, that the tiger usually doesn’t hunt wolves, although there have been 4 reports on a wolf being killed by a tiger that had no intention of eating it. In the past, the Siberian tiger was also considered to be shy and non-threatening towards people, unless it was provoked, although there were incidents when a tiger killed a woman collecting wood, and a defenseless officer when he was crossing a reed bed. We need to add the latest case, when an Amur tiger killed a zoo keeper in Germany.

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