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Adorable footage has emerged of a pet monkey who is literally inseparable from its best friend – a stray cat – as kitten stuff for sale hugs the kitten all day and all night. Seven-year-old macaque ‘Lilly’ was domesticated after she was found injured having been attacked by other wild animals in Surat Thani, Thailand.

Owner Ball Wuttichai, 27, cared for her and built a home for her in his garden where she has lived for more than a year. Incredibly, in August a stray male kitten began visiting Lilly and the two immediately formed a bond. Despite wild macaque’s having a reputation for attacking animals and humans, Lilly spends hours on end just holding the cat in her arms. The kitten even spends the night with Lilly, sleeping together under the moonlight on her bed. Heart-warming footage shows the inseparable pair spooning inside Lilly’s wooden home. At other times the pair sit together as the cat – who still has no name but now spends most of her time in the garden – snuggles up inside Lilly’s lap.

Another clip even shows the cat suckling on Lilly’s nipples like a child nuzzling its mother. Ball, who has several other pets, said the kitten had become like an adopted son for the monkey. He said: ‘I don’t know where the cat came from but we noticed her one day with Lillly. There was no aggression, they were not angry, but just sitting next to each other gazing at each other. Since then the cat has kept coming back. Lilly puts her arms round her and they lay down together. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

A cat and a monkey, they are so close. It’s like the cat has no parents and she has found a new mother, and Lilly has found a son. Lilly was injured when we found her and we helped her to recover. I think the cat is helping her to get better, too.

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