Jack russell terrier intelligence

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Maggie had her litter Feb 9 2018 Jack russell terrier intelligence are all spoken for now . This was my site before all the crap happened.

There are 2 litters of pups from my only Jack Russell Female Dog Available. I have a Sesame Shiba Stud and a Shorty Boken-Coat Jack Stud. We breed quality Jacks and Shiba Inus. I was a large breeder not a puppy mill as some would like have everyone think. Every pup has always gone to a family not pet stores or animal broker as puppy mill pups would be. JRT currently have 2 litters from 10 weeys to 11 months old.

Tails , dew claws and worming all done. Shots started at 6 weeks and another at 10 weeks with the last one at 14 weeks. Over 35 years of breeding Jacks. 00 on Jacks will hold you choice.

Deposits can be applied to another dog if you change your choice. Deposits can be made with a money order. Contact John for more information and directions if you wish to visit at 231-920-6455  email   jrtjohn. Here are some of our current offerings. There are boys available in each of the litters on the 2017 litters and 2018 litter page. Emails Answered Nightly When I go to friends house. I have had Jacks for 30 years and raised dogs for over 40 years.

I got them to go after Woodchucks and Rats around the Dairy Farm I grow upon at Hickory Corners. When they were not working they were the most fun and intelligent dogs that were ever put on Earth. So in 1990 I bought a female and raised my first litter in 1992 so others could enjoy the breed as much as I was. So in 2008 my Daughter and Son in Law bought the land where the kennel is at now. This is when I sold 2 jacks to Tom Blumberg without his help me and the dogs would have all died up here at Lake City. With his help and love for Jacks we built the kennel and made it safe and secure.

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