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Which Sport Should You Do With Your Dog? Usually, when we ask if a dog is easily trainable dogs, we really want to know how trainable he is. Although intelligence is a major component in a dog’s ability to learn, each breed has its own distinct personality, instinctive drives, and genetic heritage, which will affect trainability.

Is the dog able to concentrate on what you are teaching or are other elements in the environment pulling his focus? Breeds such as the Bloodhound are ruled by their noses. An interesting smell will win out over training almost every time. However, there is no doubt that some breeds are more easily trained than others. Sharpen your skills to keep up with this highly trainable breed.

Don’t let the fancy fur coat fool you, this breed is intelligent, keen to work, and eager to please. Toy, miniature, or standard, these dogs will happily learn whatever you choose to teach. There is good reason this large and powerful breed is often used for police and military work. They are tireless workers and want nothing more than to please their handlers.

Consistently near the top of the most popular breeds list, this beautiful and friendly dog is also very trainable and eager to please. They can be silly and fun, but don’t underestimate their brainpower. Another common police and military breed, the commanding Doberman is a fearless and loyal companion. They are enthusiastic workers and are renowned for their ability to learn and retain their training. This gorgeous herding breed is playful, affectionate with family, and loves to learn new behaviors.

They make excellent competitors in dog sports such as agility or obedience trials. Another extremely popular dog, this gentle and versatile hunting breed is also a fast learner. Their outgoing nature and eager-to-please personality make them a preferred breed for service work. Named for their butterfly-like ears, this alert toy breed is eager to please his humans.

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