Cat toys for indoor cats

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Cat toys for indoor cats Toys For Indoor Cats will help you keep your house-bound kitty happy. Read on to find out which indoor cat toys would be best for your pet.

So at this point, you already know that keeping indoor cats happy, engaged and out of trouble is not a sport for amateurs. You may have a packed daily schedule, but your cat’s got nothing but time. In other words, if you don’t provide her with stimulating, enriching toys for indoor cats, she will make her own, and you might not be pleased with what she chooses! This can feel like an especially challenging task if you are a first-time kitty parent. This is the first, essential question. How can you tell if indoor cats are bored? Baiting or fighting with other pets.

Of course, you may not be home all day when your cat is bored out of his mind, so maybe you are not seeing all of these behaviors firsthand. If this is the case, one way to pick up on boredom is to notice if the napping or listless behavior takes place during times of day when a happy, healthy cat would typically be playing and active. Cat personalities Did you know that cats, like people, can have different personality types? Your cat’s temperament will dictate the best indoor cat toys for enrichment, fun and engagement. You can watch your indoor cat exercise and play with some sample toys to discover what her predominant interests are.

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