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An arcade gamer in Turkey almost got more than he bargained for after unearthing a live black cat toy inside a cuddly toy claw machine. The man was reaching for a stuffed toy when the giant claw disturbed the cat, which was sleeping peacefully amid the pile of toys. A video captures the moment the unsuspecting moggy is rudely awakened by the claw. It reaches out with its paw to bat the claw away before clutching the uncollected toy beside.

The cat then lets out a large yawn and, despite the close encounter, nestles back down into its new-found bed to continue its snooze. The identity of the gamer and the fortune of the cat are not known. The Perth mother, her husband and their friend have been accused of raping her eight year old daughter. A South Carolina man who was beaten last month when he went out to pick up his newspaper has died from his injuries.

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Mindy Kaling tears up after hearing B. John Krasinski reveals a Customs agent refused to believe he is Emily Blunt’s husband, even asking ‘YOU? And I especially love the Halloween crafts! So I’m starting off this year’s Halloween crafts with this really cute origami Halloween black cat. The directions for this cat came from the book Horrorgami.

How to Fold an Origami Black Cat First we’re going to make the cat’s body. Fold a square diagonally in half, exposing the white underside of the paper. Fold down the top corner of the triangle to meet the bottom edge. Fold the triangle in half, bringing the left corner of the triangle underneath to meet the right corner. Pull the flap of paper down, so that the side meets the bottom edge of the triangle, to create a sideways star-trek looking sign. Fold up the two bottom corners to create feet. Now you’ve made the cat’s body.

Now we’re going to make the cat’s face. Fold your second sheet of paper diagonally in half. Open up your previous fold from step 2. Fold the top point of your triangle down to the bottom edge of the triangle. Then, unfold it, creating another fold.

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